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It isn’t enough to just sell a solution.

When we recommend and execute on a strategy with you, we gather feedback and data to learn about different and previously unimagined ways to create a successful engagement.  This means both a real ROI and positive feedback (think Net Promoter Score).

When we spot an anomaly, we first question its accuracy or potentials for viewing corrupt data.  After proofing our freshbenies report, we found no corrupt data, but a really impressive anomaly we want to exploit to your advantage.

This is no small feat, and there is a reason behind methods we used to save our clients over $870,000 in healthcare expenses.

The secret?  Using the product drives engagement which drives savings.

$870,927 dollar saved through Advocacy and Telemedicine

This week we had members of our team sit down and talk through ways to improve our utilization even more and recap the different routes that different clients have taken down the path with us in a way that is wildly successful when we bring the freshbenies bundle to a group.

Check out my recap with Neil Kennish