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The Time to Start is Now

Warning:  There are so many bold and potentially meaningless cliche’ statements thrown around in Health Insurance right now, you might need to take a hit off your grandmother’s medical grade greenery to stomach the chatter if you dared listen to them all.

Many of the phrases are super quippy like “health insurance is expensive because health care is expensive” or “next generation strategy” and my personal least favorite “breaking the status quo” are being thrown around by advisors who I fear might be exhibiting a huge moment of FOMO and not actually understanding the transformation afoot.

But………I have found something that we should all stand up and take notice of.   And the time to take notice is NOW.

The Health Rosetta Institute has set out to fix healthcare.  And the belief system they are pushing is full of principles that I think you will find refreshing and extremely thoughtful.

For example, let’stake just #12 of the 95 principles they outline in their beliefs page. Can you get on board with “Health and wealth are tightly linked. Eventually, poor financial health will negatively impact overall health”? 

And, not only are the principles  they outline sound, they have actual case-study insight and trusted research backing up their thoughts and claims.

I just recently started the certification process, and I’d like to say…….

Let’s Start Together

I might have a few days or even a few month’s head start,  but catching up won’t take long.   I’ll even go back and start-over with you. I’m sure I missed key knowledge and insight when I first encountered this conversation.

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Bret Brummitt

Bret Brummitt

Senior Consultant

About the author: An avid learner and resourceful leader with a passion for problem solving, Bret is a calming force in the chaos and fast paced evolution of health insurance, employee benefits, and the growing burden of regulatory compliance. He helps people develop the confidence to see beyond the problem at hand and start to re-imagine their goals. Whether he’s helping a client or a colleague, Bret believes a successful interaction is one that allows us all to dream a little bigger when we’re done.

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