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Wait, that wasn’t okay!


Everyone has experienced that moment, right?  That just happened?  This will need to be addressed….

Well, as someone who is generally conflict-averse, I can tell you that my gut turns at warp-speed when I know there is someone that needs to be made aware that a line has been crossed.

However, time and experience have proven that open, honest, and timely responses are much easier and better for our company culture than letting anything fester.

Whether you are like me, or you are naturally inclined to rush into conflict headfirst, there are steps for communicating acceptable and unacceptable behavior.  Your actions, in the light of bad behavior, say just as much about your company culture and management tolerance as your policies say.  They may even speak louder.

Suzanne Fahl from ThinkHR recently covered these topics in their webinar series.

In her webinar, the ThinkHR team presents best practices and tools to prevent harassment and discrimination claims.  She provides practical ideas for conducting investigations into claims of improper conduct to help you resolve issues when they arise.  The webinar also explains how you can create a positive work environment so your company can avoid negative media attention.


You can manage behavior that crosses the line before the situation escalates.


Take time to watch at your leisure and then check back to review how we can assist and facilitate many of these areas in partnership with your team.

What to Do When Employee Behavior Crosses the Line



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Bret Brummitt

Bret Brummitt

Senior Consultant

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