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Every hero has their fair share of awards.


Kalinda Dunn is no exception.

Becoming a prize-winning pianist at a young age somehow wasn’t enough however for this superstar.  (Don’t ask Kalinda to play for you now, however,–she swears she lost her killer chops).  

No, Kalinda had to move on to bigger and better things as she grew older.

If it wasn’t impressive enough to earn her Bachelor of Science in Sociology, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Biology at the prestigious Southern Methodist University (better known as just SMU), she also earned her Masters in Public Health at Emory University.


Now, to be very clear –


Kalinda Dunn not only has the degrees to hang on the wall, but she is in fact super smart.  I mean in every interaction, she is most likely the smartest person in the room.

The really cool thing about Kalinda, and why she fits so well as a leader of the AG Team, is that she is 300% kinder and nicer than she is smart.  There is never a bad word, a bad thought, or even a momentary lack of compassion.


Teammates and Leaders like Kalinda Dunn make AG 10x better just by showing up each day.


You may see her pop up in emails you receive, on our blog, in our client training videos, and if you are one of the lucky ones, you’ll get to meet her in-person.

So, remember—Kalinda is the one you want on your side.  She’s our go-to person for answers, and she should be yours, too.

Kalinda Dunn

Kalinda Dunn

Client Experience Hero

Kalinda joined AG Insurance in 2015 as the only logical next step after completing her Master's Degree in Public Health at Emory University in Atlanta. 

We needed a great mind and a super talented individual to help us take the client experience to a whole new level--and that is just one little aspect of how Kalinda enhances to our team.  From Wellness programs to claims analysis and pharma trends, she's the guru.  She's also the guru on our project management software, writing assignments, client education, and content-rich marketing initiatives.  

Being raised in a family of Physical Therapists, it is only natural that she applies that upbringing to whip our team into shape as one of our top organizational leaders and a dominant voice for the next generation in Employee Benefits.